Pemberton Awards

Awards: 1st Place: Denis Cortella. 2nd: Matt Senior. 3rd: Andy Macrae

With a very fun finish on the last task - flying with Denis Cortella most of the day, and gliding side by side across the valley to the ESS at Miller, I was able to bump Frederic Bourgault out of 3rd position.

Matt, Denis, Pal, Frederic, Haase and many others were flying really well all week. It was fun flying and learning with them. Overall a fabulous comp, and one I hope I’ll be part of again in the future.

Thanks Jim Orava, Corinne, Tonya, Fred, Nigel, Nicole and everyone else who helped make it happen!


Leonardo tracks with map (click on “Task Name” and click on pilot for their track)

Andy’s SPOT
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